is a legendary Russian designer of small arms, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Lieutenant-General, creator of the world famous Kalashnikov assault rifle, Hero of the Russian Federation.

Having passed the way from the self-taught inventor to the chief designer of the Izhevsk machine-building plant, Mikhail Timofeevich persistently followed the principle of simplicity and reliability. The team of designers of the Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant, managed by him, unified on the basis of AK a number of samples of automatic weapons that later became the basis for small arms of the armed forces not only in Russia, but also in a series countries.

Alongside with the weapons, IJMASH also developed other areas of civilian industry products. Thus, organized in 2007 Izhevsk Heating Equipment Factory (IZTT), standing by the traditions, was intended as an advanced enterprise of the country to producing competitive products for the Russian and Western markets.

Developed for several years, having passed working tests and ready for mass production, a new line of professional heat equipment was proudly named after the legendary designer of the 20th century, Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov. Taking on the reliability and functionality of its weapons predecessor, the articles produced under the Kalashnikov brand are a unique offer in the heat equipment market of the country.


The KALASHNIKOV brand creates standards of reliable operation for consumers and keeps reliable working conditions for sellers. KALASHNIKOV products cover a wide range of needs for air curtains, fan heaters and infrared heaters. The range of KALASHNIKOV includes the following groups:


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