is a legendary Russian brand.

Not only weapon but also some civilian industry products were named after the great designer.

Organized in 2007 Izhevsk Heating Equipment Factory (IZTT), became the largest producer of heating machines in Russia. The plant makes items for most brands sold in the country as well as fulfills orders for some foreign customers. Since 2017 IZTT produses the top-level range under the KALASHNIKOV trrade-mark.

Developed for several years, having passed working tests and ready for mass production, a new line of professional heat equipment coopted the reliability and functionality associated with the legendary brand.


The KALASHNIKOV brand creates standards of reliable operation for consumers and keeps reliable working conditions for sellers. KALASHNIKOV products cover a wide range of needs for air curtains, fan heaters and infrared heaters. The range of KALASHNIKOV includes the following groups:


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